Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


To be successful in today’s world, you need software that not only serves your organization’s basic needs, but also is a dynamic engine which can help your organization manage its core functions at greater speed and simplicity.


Ask Yourself…


How often has an employee spent hours creating a report from information found within multiple systems? How much time has been wasted inputting duplicate records and data across your organization's different departments?


These fundamental issues pose real challenges for your company to compete in today's ever-changing, business environment. Technology continues to move forward - is your business moving with it?


An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system is designed to be an all-encompassing business solution which integrates every area of your organization-from accounting to finance, supply chain, inventory, warehouse, operations, and sales and marketing.


No longer does shipping have to verbally notify accounting when shipments leave, no double entry, no creation of silos between departments. All the information is in one system so managers and owners have access to data they need-when they need it.


When selecting an ERP system, decision makers must take into account the return on investment (ROI). It is absolutely critical to choose the most appropriate software for your business-one that is implemented by a experts with a track record of success in ERP implementation and support. Solution Sytems, Inc. has been providing ERP software solutions for more than 33 years.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV has continually proven to be one of the best suited ERP solution providers for small to medium sized manufacturers, distributors and service companies. It has delivered the capabilities, performance, and ease of use that powers nearly 1 million diverse businesses in over 40 countries.

What Can Microsoft Dynamics NAV Do For Your Business?

  • Enables your business to make proactive and informed decisions that have a direct impact on your productivity and bottom line—increasing margins and improving your cash flow.

  • Provides comprehensive core business management functionality, including financials, reporting, supply chain management, service management, and more.

  • Quick and seamless deployment on premises or in the cloud which is easy to adapt, extend, and connect.

  • Simple to learn and use, Microsoft Dynamics NAV works with your existing technology and scales as you grow to deliver long-term value.​